Field Marketing

At IMS we are dedicated to producing innovative, intelligent and high quality field marketing campaigns that help you get the best out of your business. Using our ‘check, fix and influence’ model, we deliver an outstanding return on investment by radically improving your point of purchase.

Our team of dedicated and highly trained experts can offer you all the help and advice you need to make sure your point of purchase remains a sales driver rather than becoming a sales barrier.

Who are IMS

  • Specialists in traditional field marketing activities
  • Industry Innovators
  • Award Winning Software Solutions
  • Automated Mystery Shopper booking provision
  • Technologically advanced


  • Benefit from sales growth & ultimately profit through effective field marketing.
  • Ensure products are effectively presented on-shelf for purchase

Mystery Shopping

  • Evaluate and improve your customer service & compliance
  • Bespoke programmes to suit your needs


  • Availability of your product or promotion
  • Making sure your product is ranged in all agreed stores & locations

POS Placement

  • Ensure POS is visible in store
  • Advise clients on suitable POS material for particular campaigns


Auditing is the first point in the IMS 'check, fix and influence' model. The purpose is to monitor the availability and visibility of all products and promotions, or those of your competitors.
Once the auditing phase has been completed, we can analyse your business model and identify those steps that will get the best return on your investment. So why not contact our highly trained team of experts now to see how they can help you, your staff and your business make the most of your potential?


We use merchandising visits to make sure your products are available and well presented in -store rather than sitting in a warehouse. Around 80% of buying decisions are made in-store so we cannot overstate the importance of getting this aspect of your business right.
The secret to good merchandising is a thorough understanding of the buying process. That's why we provide our staff with the very highest level of training to give them the best advice and guidance on maximising the on-shelf visibility of your major products.

Mystery Shopping

We find that mystery shopping is the best tool available to evaluate and improve your customer service levels - as well as those of your competitors.

With customers becoming more selective it has never been more important to maintain the highest levels of customer service. Get this wrong and potential clients will look elsewhere. We have expanded our mystery shopping service with our newly created Mysteryshop My Business service. This is aimed at small businesses to help them maintain the very highest levels of retail compliance.

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Field Marketing

Specialists in:

  • Auditing
  • Merchandising
  • Point of Sale
  • Mystery Shopping


Our teams will:

Conduct SKU level auditing to ensure the root cause of all issues are identified


IMS will:

Move on to fix any in-store issues that have been identified through merchandising.


We continue by:

Educating and influencing store staff to try and prevent issues reoccuring.