The IMS Field Team

In order to become a member of the IMS field team you will need to successfully complete a number of application stages. Many of the people that apply to the IMS field team have heard about us via referral from their friends (who enjoy a strong working relationship with us as part of our existing team) or have seen us at a recruitment exhibition (of which we attend 5 per annum to attract new applicants).

The first stage of the IMS recruitment process is to complete an online application form. This form can be accessed by clicking here.

IMS currently have approximately 6,000 field team applicants on our active waiting list and receive over 2,500 applicants on an annual basis.

Our support team are constantly evaluating field team quality and performance and reviews our waiting list on a regular basis to fill any geographical, skills or knowledge gaps that can’t be facilitated by our existing field team members. Our Support Team identify these applicants by going to a task list and using a system driven filtering process to look through applicants to select those with the required skill set.

Once an applicant has progressed past the first application stage, IMS will then take them through a thorough interview process. The applicant will also be expected to take an e-learning course, where they will be required to watch an interactive presentation and then pass a quiz based on its content. If they successfully pass these stages then they will then be welcomed onto the IMS field Team as a Tactical Field Representative (TFR).

After being welcomed onto the field team as a TFR, you will then be offered field marketing visits when they are available in your geographic location. You will receive a quality rating for each visit you complete, which will allow us to track your progress. Each quality rating you receive will be determined by the following 5 criteria:

  • Knowledge
  • Reliability
  • Performance against Objectives
  • Experience
  • Reporting

The higher your total quality score is, the more work will be made available to you. Throughout your time on the IMS field team you will receive ongoing development including interactive e-learning courses, downloadable distant learning documents and accompanied visits.

Our field team members receive extensive development and support including receiving monthly analysis of their performance and personal feedback and any areas where this can potentially be developed to improve their quality score.

As a TFR you may have the opportunity to progress further on our field team. IMS have recently created a new position on our field team with reference to the role of Retail Development Executive (RDE).

IMS utilise RDEs to ensure that clients have the very best merchandisers conducting their activity on a regular basis for long term campaigns. RDEs are selected from the pool of our best-performing and most experienced field team members in specified areas. Our best team members will be invited to apply for the role if they believe they are a suitable candidate and there is a current vacancy in their area. As part of the RDE application process TFRs will be given a full assessment in an in-store environment by IMS head office staff, before being accepted as an RDE.

Field team members also have the opportunity of developing even further by becoming a Field Team Trainer.

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